Canine Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is an aquatic pool therapy which allows your dog to exercise and gain strength and flexibility without bearing weight on injured limbs. Warm water and hydrostatic pressure creates a therapeutic working environment for all levels of fitness.

Strength Training

Your dog will be asking you: “Which way to the gym?” in no time.

Swimming Lessons

Safety first! In the PNW we are surrounded by hipsters, coffee and water. Make sure your pup knows how to swim.


We specialize in Pre and Post-Operative Recovery! You want your dog to triumph over injury, and we can help.

Why Hydrotherapy?

There are many reasons to get excited about hydrotherapy. Most of our clients have their dogs referred to Unleashed for hydrotherapy by their Veterinarian. However – that does not preclude you from doing the research to find out how hydrotherapy can benefit your dog.

Hydrotherapy is an aquatic pool therapy designed to promote strength building and flexibility without bearing weight on injured bodies. Hydrotherapy has helped rehabilitate people for decades, and now is a tool that can produce outstanding results in dogs as well.

Unleashed is incredibly proud to be able to offer hydrotherapy’s tremendous benefits for your dog. It makes good financial sense to protect the investment you have made in your dog’s surgery, and we can help your dog have the best chance of success post-operation.

What to Expect

Your first visit will include a consult with one our Licensed Veterinary Technicians. They will discuss the medical history of your dog, listening to your areas of concern to include the information sent in the referral from your dog’s Veterinarian.

Measurements may be taken in cases involving muscle atrophy, obesity, and strength and conditioning training. It is helpful for our technicians if you know the current weight of your dog.

Our number one priority is to make sure that your dog is comfortable during their first swim. If your dog is nervous, the technicians will take the session slowly to help them acclimate to the water.

Please come prepared to fill out paperwork and have questions ready for the technician. You may allow up to 1 hour for your dog’s first appointment with us.

We Specialize In...

• Pre & Post-Operative Recovery

• Cruciate ligament repairs, fractures, spinal surgeries and acute spinal injuries

• Osteoarthritis

• Neurological Conditions

• Performance Conditioning

• Puppy Swim Lessons

• Exercise with a focus on weight loss

• Hospice/End-of-life relaxation