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It’s not easy being human these days… a busy work schedule, responsibilities at home and with children can leave little free time for our pets. Dogs require daily exercise and play time that we don’t always have.

At Unleashed, we understand the importance of a happy, healthy dog that is relaxed with life and well behaved at home. We look forward to meeting you and your dog, and getting started with Dog Daycare, Hydrotherapy or Canine Massage today!

Initial Daycare Screening Interviews

Upon your first visit, your dog will go through a screening process.

During your first screening appointment, you will meet with one of our experienced staff members who will review your application, give you a tour of our facilities, and answer any questions you may have about our services.

We will slowly introduce your dog to our current daycare pack members. As your dog continues to become more comfortable, we will acquaint them with more dogs. This slow, thoughtful introduction ensures a safe and relaxed experience for your dog, and provides an opportunity for both you and Unleashed to accurately assess whether our daycare is the best match for your dog.

After the interview, your dog will receive a Pass, Fail, or Needs Improvement grade. If your dog receives a Pass, he/she is eligible to join the pack immediately.

Please allow up to 4 hours for the initial screening and interview appointments. At Unleashed, all daycare screenings and interviews are complementary.

Flexible Pricing

We offer several different pricing packages to choose from:

Dog Daycare

Starting at $23 per day


Starting at $58 per 30-minute session

Canine Massage

Starting at $40 per 30-minute session

*Ask us about our Package Pricing. We also proudly offer military and senior discounts.

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