Canine Massage

Canine Massage

Your dog can get amazing health benefits from massage. Whether you’re looking to improve your active dog’s performance, or help them recover after an injury – we have Licensed Massage Therapists waiting to help!


Let us help get your dog back on track after an injury or surgery.


We can help make your sporting dog a super-star from the field to the agility course – LET’S GO!


Massage can help calm anxiety, or even help those old bones feel new again.

Why Should I Choose Canine Massage?

There are many benefits to choosing canine massage. Massage plays an important role in removing toxins from the body, stimulating liver and kidney function and can aid in the early detection of future ailments.

Massage stimulates localized blood circulation while decreasing inflammation and encouraging faster recovery times after injury or surgery.

At Unleashed we specialize in Maintenance and Rehabilitation masssage. Our licensed massage therapists can assist your dog with a complete range of abilities.

Whether your dog is in need of therapeutic massage for aiding in recovery, or even just an exercise to relax and destress old bones– we can help.

What to Expect

Your first visit will include a consult with one our Licensed Veterinary Technicians, followed by their massage session. They will discuss the medical history of your dog, listening to your areas of concern to include the information sent in the referral from your dog’s Veterinarian.

Measurements may be taken in cases involving muscle atrophy, obesity, and strength and conditioning training. It is helpful to the technicians if you have a current weight for your dog.